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Doctor Skoob: Press

From: March 27, 2007
Article: Snyder and the live music capital of Garza County

"Doctor Skoob frontman Doug Haines worked up the crowd to the point where one cowboy jumped up and started dancing on a table. Yeah, he fell off. No injuries were reported. Good time had by all, all weekend."
From: May 8, 2008
Article: It hurts. It delights. It inspires. Love.

"Skoob said music for him has always been an expression of feelings and emotion, especially those that are difficult to say otherwise, and what greater emotion is there than love?"
From: May 1, 2008
Article: What I Learned at the Sandstorm Picnic

"Skoob brought some guests artists from Lubbock including my old friend Kent Mings, the protégé of Ponty Bone and Jesse "Guitar" Taylor and now mentor to Skoob and the next generation of Lubbock music mafia; Shad "Kid Shadow" Daugherty, one of Lubbock's new guitar gods making the transition to Austin"

"...Austin's most talented musical community, the Lubbock Music Mafia."

"...killer rockin' sets by Doctor Skoob and the Texas Belairs."

"Tommy Hancock was duly impressed with the talented young musicians who honor his place in their heritage."
From: April 26, 2008
Article: Sandstorm Picnic, Lubbock Showcase Music in Austin

"During the set for Lubbock's newly elected king - Doug "Dr. Skoob" Haines - the dance floor finally began hopping as the residents of Austin who came out to catch the Lubbock showcase became enthralled."
From: March 7, 2008
Article: Doug Haines and Andy Eppler Speak Out on Originality

Eppler: "And when I was introduced to you it was like … and this is Dr. Skoob. He is God."
From: Feb. 5, 2008
Article: Super Bowl Sunday with Skoob and the Gang

"They made no qualms about driving in to visit this Doctor for an extra-large dose of soul medicine. After Skoob's 2007 release of the album 'Dr. Skoob's Gringo Sol', not many have passed up on the opportunity."
From: Jan. 10, 2008
Article: Country Rock Done Texas Trippy

"Doctor Skoob takes over the Alley Cantina"

"The sound is trippy country rock, and Doug 'Doctor Skoob' Haines fronts the band with a husky blues vocal, sort of a Joe Cocker or rougher Jack Johnson. The danceable tunes are groovier than the classic Texas sound, with elegant trumpet and funky backbeat."
by Deonne Kahler - The Taos News
From: Jan. 10, 2008
Article: Doctor Skoob Makes House Call

"Doctor Skoob is a major part of Lubbock’s Next Big Sound as they've blazed their own trail."
by Larry A. Taylor - The Red River Miner
From: Jan. 5, 2008
Article: An Interview w/ Doctor Skoob - an Artist Profile

" something out of a Bukowski novel."
From: Oct. 20, 2007
Article: An Interview w/ Andy Eppler - an Artist Profile

Eppler: "Doug Haines (a.k.a. Doctor Skoob) was a huge influence on me. He was to me, probably what Tommy Hancock was to a bunch of those older guys; I know Tommy Hancock mentored Buddy Holly to a certain extent. Doug was that way for me."
"Ralph DeWitt, of Ralph's Records & Tapes, recommends Live Lubbock Nights by Dr. Skoob & the Acoustic Groove as another local favorite."
William Kerns (A-J Entertainment Editor) - Lubbock Avalanche Journal Dec. 18, 2005
"I was privileged to see an intriguing ensemble of musicians with wide variety of influences and a musical style to call their own."

"Live Lubbock Nights is one of the most innovative albums that I have heard. I highly recommend aquiring this CD."

Album Score: A
(Highly Enjoyable, Great Job!)
B.M.H. - The Dry Timez Nov. 2005
"Their variety of influences is what makes this band's sound flow so smoothly together"
Katy Merlet - The Daily Toreador Nov. 4, 2005
*Lubbock legends Doctor Skoob & the Acoustic Groove bring you some mind-altered sequences of shizophrenic sound manipulations*hmm*
Study Breaks Magazine March 2005