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Doctor Skoob: Photos

Through the Years

Doug "Doctor Skoob" Haines  -photo by Stephen Lewis
Best Advertising Ever!
Nic Shute and the Horn Section @ Sandstorm --photo by Matt Wright-Steel
Skoob @ Sandstorm --photo by Matt Wright-Steel
The legendary Boy Wells with Skoob @ the Sandstorm -- photo by Matt Wright-Steel
Kid Shadow's Guitar Hump @ John's Alley in Moscow, ID
Skoob tuning up in Billings, Montana
Austin Davis @ the Doug Smith Benefit (Wheeler Bros. Studios)
Red River, NM
Red River, NM waiting for load in
Austin City Limits soundstage (Kent Mings, Jason Morales, Nic Shute, Andy Eppler, & Skoob)
Some very stoked fans
Blaker T. Atwell (Cellus & the Loose Grip) representing!
Sandstorm Picnic
Kent Mings & Skoob on KUT's John Ailli's show
Skoob & Andy Eppler on KGSR in Austin, TX
Skoob, Mike B., & Boy Wells @ the Sandstorm Picnic Austin, TX
Skoob & Brian McCrae sitting in on drums
Kevin Mings (Texas BelAires) and his family with Kid Shadow during intermission @ the Buddy Holly Showcase
Josh Brandenburg (of Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards) representing
Skoob signing autographs after the Buddy Holly Showcase
Nic Shute mingles with the fans after the show
Packed house in Amarillo
Blaker T. Atwell (Cellus & the Loose Grip) representing again!
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